Second prize for the housing cooperative Horw in Luzern.

Céline Baumann is visiting professor at the EPF Lausanne as part of the orientation “Cities – Territories”.

We are taking part in Manifesta 14.

Publication of the essay “Let not bygones go by” in the book “Roadside Picnics. Encounters with the uncanny. ”

Public presentation of the urban study for the Fabric site in Brombach, Lörrach.

Fabric Areal Schöpflin Lörrach Studio Céline Baumann META Landschaftsarchitektur BeL Sozietät für Architektur, Clauss Merz, ifau, NL Architects civic design

Céline Baumann is awarded a visiting professorship as part of the Division “Natural and Built Environment” of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

Swiss Art Awards 2021 opens in the hall 3 of the Messe in Basel.

Building permit approved for the Lyse-Lotte building in Basel.

Lyse-Lotte Lysbüchel Süd Stiftung Habitat Wohngenossenschaft housing cooperative Basel Switzerland Marco Marco Merz Marion Clauss Martina Kausch