Exhibition “Ramification” has opened at the Museum im Bellpark in Kriens.

This exhibition brings together the work of landscape architects, urbanists, biologists and students from various backgrounds and generations, who are – consciously or unconsciously – drawing on the metaphor of ramification within their practice.

Their work exemplifies how the understanding of natural processes allows beneficial relationships with our natural environment to be cultivated. They demonstrate the possibility, and furthermore, our responsibility, to accommodate life within damaged territories in order to shape resilient ecosystems. The show is on view until the 7th of July 2024.

Contributors: Altitude 35; Chair of Being Alive, ETHZ; Inside Outside, Petra Blaisse; Studio Paola Viganò; Superpositions, Georges Descombes, Atelier ADR; Sylvie Viollier, Cyril Verrier, La Frontière; mavo Landschaften and the students of Studio Rhizomes.

Curation: Céline Baumann with the support of Myriam Treiber.

Photography: Museum im Bellpark Kriens 2024 / Kim da Motta.

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