Lecture at Garden State during the Basel Theatre Festival.

The “Garden State” project from MAMAZA is inspired by the story of Libertalia, a possibly fictional anarchist island colony founded in the late 17th century near Madagascar in which pirates and freed slaves lived communally in a peaceful environment.

“A paradise-like garden in the Klingental Hall invites all to become part of this special community. “Garden State” can be visited free of charge and used to contemplate new modes of coexistence and put them immediately into practice within the garden: relaxing and enjoying yoga, concerts, lectures and panel discussions, even spending a night underneath the leafy sky. In opposition to authoritarian structures and human suppression, “Garden State” is to be understood as a location where everyone comes together as equal. MAMAZA is a collaborative platform based in Frankfurt and works in various constellations. The collective constantly goes against expectations. The artists develop stage projects, city interventions and installations.” (Theater Festival Basel)