Towards a Reparations Ecology panel at the Creative Exchange on the 15th of Febrary 2019 at the Museum of Architecture and Design in Ljubljana.

The event represents an annual gathering around European architecture, and showcase ideas and trends for the future development of architecture and the profession.

The Matchmaking Conference features the selected emerging creatives that have been selected for the Future Architecture Call for Ideas 2019 and winners of the Fundació Mies van der Rohe Young Talent Architecture Award 2018. The panel Towards a Reparations Ecology includes presentation by Tadeas Riha with Logistics Landscapes, Einar Rodhe with Under Construction, Matthew Gregorowski with Deplorable Framework, Lodovica Guarnieri with (UN)just Peace, and Céline Baumann with Queer Nature. Moderation by Michal Duda from the Museum of Architecture in Wroclaw, concluding speech by Matevž Čelik from the Museum of Architecture and Design in Ljubljana.

Photographer Janez Klenovšek / MAO.