Interview „Plant Pleasures and Intimacies“ issued in the “Libertine Botany” edition of l’esprit créateur.

„Plant sexual life becomes the subject of intense discussions in early modern botany. How does France, with its legacy of materialist libertine thought, become a hub for botanically-informed critique of human sexual norms and practices? How is early modern botany enmeshed with desire?

“Libertine Botany” charts premodern explorations of the nonbinary sexuality of plants and investigates their effects on the gendering of the human polis. In conversation with contemporary discussions of sexuality, this special issue studies how– through a body of work anticipating queer politics, art, and ecology – the alien pleasures of plants give new contours to human experience.“ l’esprit créateur

Guest editors Natania Meeker and Antónia Szabari.

Download the pdf here.