Parliament of Plants

The Parliament of Plants challenges the belief that matter and intelligence should be dissociated, regarding nature as more than a mere commodity.

Location Madrid, Spain; London, United Kingdom
Curators Ethel Baraona Pohl, César Reyes, Gonzalo Herrero Delicado
Time frame 2019-ongoing
Exhibitions Twelve Cautionary Urban Tales, Matadero; What is radical today, Royal Academy of Arts
Photography SCB & Matadero Madrid, Estudio Perplejo, Galerna

The Parliament of Plants proposes an urban environment where the wisdom of plants is highly valued for their knowledge of social and economic biotopes, as well as their deep understanding of natural processes. Woody, leafy, and flowering beings form here an hegemonic green democracy. With similar protocols to those currently used in the political arena, in this parliament of vegetation, legislators from different origins convene on a daily basis to debate current issues. Yet in contrast to the constant confrontation and tension found in “human” political contexts, this parliament of plants usually comes to a consensus and manages to come to agreements — despite having divergent views — because its members are aware of the importance of taking measures and acting decisively in areas regarding ecology, inclusion, tolerance, and diversity, with the understanding that their administration can only act towards the common good, basing their decisions on the principle of mutual care and support.

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