The Klingental renovation in Basel and the relocation of the exhibition space to the church choir provides the opportunity to reinforce its relationship to outdoor.

Location Basel, Switzerland
Client Ausstellungsraum Klingental
Time frame 2017-2018
Size 800 m2
Commission type Commissioned study

The gallery regularly organizes a number of open-air events including concerts, openings, performances, and workshops outside the building perimeter. The proposal aims at converting the gallery surroundings to serve its various range of activities, anchoring it within a dense urban context.

The gallery opens on the north side towards the busy Kaserne square, a former military barracks open court transformed today into a buzzing place bordered with a theatre and cafés. Our approach was to intervene with simple means: vegetation, seating elements, and a signage system. The north entrance is furnished with generous circular planters, planted with multi-stem ornamental trees: goldenrain, snowy mespilus and palmate maple. The base is covered with a layer of soft grasses and an evergreen groundcover. The plants bring shade as well as a peaceful atmosphere. Benches are placed between the buttresses of the church creating intimate niches. Two flags frame the main entrance, displaying information about new exhibitions and events.

On the south side, the gallery opens towards the Klingentalweglein, a quiet and green alley leading to the Rhine River with a smooth downward slope. Here, we proposed to widen the entrance, and introduce concrete steps into the green slope bridging the height between the building and the street. The green space is used as a resting space for passers-by, inviting them to listen to presentations of artistic works.