Online workshop “The Breath of the World” with performer Romuald Krezel at Akademie Solitude.

The Breath of the World reading group Akademie Solitude nonhuman

Breathing has been an essential topic of the year 2020: from the acute respiratory symptoms caused by COVID-19 to the last words of George Floyd »I can’t breathe«. This reading group will approach different aspects of the notion of breathing from the perspective of the architects of our very own atmosphere: the land plants. By revisiting »The Life of Plants« by Emanuele Coccia (2018), Céline and Romuald will aim to make the ontological foundation of the world, that is the respiratory function of the plant kingdom, conspicuous.

Topics discussed will include: breathing, immersion, mixture, atmosphere, climate, hyper objects, nonhumans, ecological crisis, Anthropocene.

Picture: Blue root, artist unknown, Veneto, ca. 1500

Registration required, more information on the Akademie Solitude Website.