PhD seminar “Criticizing Practice, Practicing Critique” at the Faculty of Landscape Architecture of the University of Agricultural Sciences in Malmö, Sweden.

This interdisciplinary seminar held in March 2016 explores the phenomenon and importance of critique for the design of buildings and landscape, and offers the opportunity to exercise critical writing. It is accompanied by two lectures, by Noël van Dooren and Céline Baumann.

Criticism plays a key role in situating production in the arts and instigating debate, which propels both theory and practice. However in the domains of landscape architecture, architecture and urban design, it seems to have a rather distanced role from reflection and subsequent design. The seminar enables to develop a position towards that phenomenon, and to elaborate a rudimentary written critique that could be handed in to an academic journal. To do so, an analysis of existing texts is presented and discussed on the basis of draft writings of each participant. The seminar is organized by Lisa Diedrich, director of the department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management at SLU, and Noël van Dooren, landscape architect and chief editor of the Journal of Landscape Architecture.